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An Empty Seat (for Tom Petty, 1950 – 2017)

Written and Recorded with Video created for Tom Petty, 1950-2017. He hasn’t left me at all. It was always like he was right there in the car with us. Not just on the radio or cassette or CD but he was with us too. A buddy in the car. Easy Peasy. I do miss you TP. Aloha and Namaste.
an empty seat (for tom petty, 1950-2017)

get in the back seat
we’ll make room
headin up the street
a wasted afternoon
you wore your hair neat
but you never groomed
grew up in the south’s heat
you always kept your cool
now there’s a back seat
in this house of lights
now there’s an empty seat
in this house of lights
now there’s an empty seat
in this house of lights
released July 4, 2018
Words and Music by David Elias
Performed by David Elias
Mixed and Mastered by David Elias

David Elias - An Empty Seat - 1400px

I also play and sing’s Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly” anthem in a self-produced video recognizing his mentor’s greatness, with a humble ukelele passage recorded spontaneously at the time of his death announcement and woven into the final bars of the video:


For a limited time you can get the sountrack of this video “An Empty Seat” free as a download at https://davidelias.bandcamp.com/…/an-empty-seat-tom-petty-1… (enter $0.00 or any other amount as the charge when checking out.)

ground zero, nyc

And I Said…9/11/2001 in Memory

And I Said…

It’s the end of summer see the red lights running
‘Cross the open interstate
And the wind feels good through the summer wood
The evening’s getting late
I’m with my little boy wearing corduroys and
He’s looking up at me
He says why’d they kill those people there
In New York City
And I Said…

So we lit 3 candles sitting on the wall
While the stars were coming on
And we said our prayers in the early fall
For those never really gone
One for the bodies of the innocent
Good God let them rest in peace
And one for the minds in the universe
That learn from tragedy
And one for the Spirit and the Souls at large
May we find true Unity
In a little boy wearing corduroy
He’s looking up at me
And I say…


Written and recorded immediately following 9/11/2001 and uploaded to the web as an audio mp3. I created the video in 2007 after visiting Ground Zero and taking the photos. Posted today in memory…Namaste