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Anytime Offer ~ Independence Rules ~ Happy 4th

The Anytime Offer…

It’s independence reminder time and that works for me. Keeping moving and creating things and paying attention to art around me which includes in a big way nature in general.

I’ve worked in the past year or so reassembling the earliest recordings I had from when I started working with digital audio in a home studio situation in 1994 and 95. Before those years I had recorded to multitrack 1/4″ and even 4-track cassette and other things off and on.

In 1994/95 working at home more in a studio setup with real mics, real recording gear, a mixer, yada yada was new for me at the time. My ears were wide open!


Now I’ve released these as MQA encoded masters. The 16 tracks onIndependent Acoustic Roots don’t appear anywhere else. Some of the same songs and takes do in fact appear on my first CD release “Lost in the Green”. But those final CD tracks had been overdubbed with other parts in many cases and remixed in all cases. Again there are numerous songs on this release that don’t even appear on the first CD.

These independence tracks are just what I recorded and how I mixed it originally. It’s as stark and sparse as it gets. If you don’t like stark and sparse, you won’t like this. You don’t need any special player or equipment or software to hear the MQA master. It’s regular CD quality 16/44.1.

In listening to these early recordings and mixes I had made, I realized I have not come as far as I sometimes like to think I have :)

These recordings were and are all about a singer-songwriter with a guitar and a few mics (usually 2 on the guitar and 1 vocal) playing his original songs in a makeshift bedroom studio. That’s still what I do a lot, often with only 1 mic!

But these songs were all carefully played and recorded (16/48 Tascam DA-88). I then mixed them to stereo carefully on a then pretty new Mackie 1202 that I still often use live. So it’s as basic as it gets and the essence of my acoustic independence seems wrapped in that.

I didn’t have anyone telling me what to play, how to play it, who to sound like, what was popular (coffeehouse hadn’t even come back yet in the mainstream), or even when to play.

I still don’t have those requirements today and am still thankful for that. Sharing these early tracks is something I’m happy to do because to me they sound pure acoustic and that is still something I like a lot, wherever it’s coming from.

So I hope you get to hear some of the acoustic roots cellar material I’ve put out now from then. It is still the way I write and sing as far as I know.

As always thanks for listening and enjoy your 4th and your independence.

Aloha to All,

– DE

OOPS! BACK TO THE OFFER… With no time limit (one per person), if you get the Independent Acoustic Roots download here, I will give you a free redeem code for any of the other titles I have online here on Bandcamp.  A lot of these are MQA encoded as well and have the logo. Many are hi-res and unfold to 24/352.8 with the proper MQA DAC.


I’ll get your email address from the “Independent Acoustic” Bandcamp download and then contact you to find out what other album you’d like, or feel free to just email me with your request.

Also remember that Bandcamp downloads allow you to grab any and all formats they offer anytime after purchase. They also then provide unlimited streaming of songs for that title.

Be sure to download any lossless format which includes: WAV, FLAC, AIF, ALAC. Whatever you are used to using, they are all encoded as MQA. Avoid MP3 and AAC however as they are lossy and lose the MQA encoding.

songs from the future past – independent acoustic roots

We all have roots – and the more I think about it (just in these past 3 or so seconds) the more that could be a lot of what we are all really about.  Not the roots themselves, the recognition that we have them…

Independent Acoustic Roots

Independent Acoustic Roots

I have a song with lyric:

“where you are is what you are
geography is everything”

I’ve always believed that history occurs (as much as anyone can really remember what happened which is not that good a recall IMO) very influenced by where it occurs. The where almost determines the what in other words.

With that in mind, I wrote a bunch of songs in the early 90’s while living in the SF Bay Area and was very focused on a few different musical things that I had carried within me at first and then they popped out in spectral ways. It was a spectral root!

These things included: songwriting, acoustic coffehouse-like performances, Irish music, digital recording and DIY CD production, music sharing on the brand new Internet.

They all kind of came into my life at the same time and people I hadn’t known before came in with them. Some of the most spiritual friendships I know grew out of those years. Over the years since a lot has happened to me musically, but even though I had been playing acoustic guitar at that point for a good 20 years (yeah I know) and had written some songs and played lots of shows in different guises, nothing was quite like the acoustic flower that bloomed in the 90’s in my universe.



I was introduced to some heavy magic in the forms of: Irish/Celtic music that was being played by strange faces and then suddenly friends and brothers in the SF pubs and elsewhere in the Bay Area; The art of home recording on digital media with simple but high quality results in a digital/CD world; The World Wide Web that quickly reached out to independent musicians like myself and said “put your music up here – you can get listened to by all kinds of people all over the world including DJ’s”. It also said “there’s a heck a good other musicians doing the same thing right now — check ’em out.”.

So I did. Day or night for many years. I learned how to create a web site writing HTML in a text editor like Notepad. At the beginning, I was encouraged by my friend Gus Skinas to record my songs. I said I didn’t have the means to get involved with any studio or whatever was invovled… He said I could do it myself at home. Now I was interested in that!

So a short time later I had borrowed some equipment from Gus and another musical buddy Roger Powell. Before long I had a home studio setup in a bedroom in my home. I started learning how to record myself on an 8-track Tascam DA-88 that Rog loaned me. I had recorded myself on 4-track cassette since the 80’s and lots of other stereo and multitrack recordings to tape dating back to the 70’s.. But this was pretty new and wonderful.

The result over time with the help of others was a home produced CD that was professionally manufactured by Discmakers (also new at the time). It was called “Lost in the Green”.



Now a good 20 years later I have traversed the landscapes of MP3.com, DIY CD’s, CDBaby, iTunes, podcasts, webcasts, Amazon, digital music players, myspace, Hi-Rez, SACD, videos, DSD Downloads, tons of shows, and everything in between. The paths are many.

The message was always for me Independent Acoustic – a term I came up with in the 90’s after getting asked 828 times by human and non-human queries what genre I was in.

This summer I had to kind of stop and take a look over one shoulder or another to see a little more of where I had come from with music in a public interconnected world. I rediscovered some of those early acoustic recordings that marked the beginning of a long and windy adventure into the heart of much of what I’ve always been about.

So I took that time capsule of recordings and made it a release for downloads…I’m hoping it will be available in time for the Autumn Equinox in a couple days on September 22nd. Equinox is a great event to recognize. I’ve worked with friends many times staging large music and party events on the one Equinox or another. All special legend moments and memories…

So releasing my next new/old CD type album on the 2013 Equinox (which I think occurs at 4:44pm EDT for you spiritual numerologists..) is a good omen for me. It’s a new path with old and trusty, well if not trusty at least not rusty roots.



There are 16 songs on the album. Many of them appeared on my first CD “Lost in the Green” which unlike all my other CD’s since (about 8) never went online to iTunes. So to most people “out there” it’s all new. To those people “back there” it is actually still 90+% new. This is because I used only my solo acoustic takes from the early recordings I was trying out then. There are 12 of my songs, some of which never appeared on any CD/SACD I released. There are 4 songs by Townes Van Zandt, an icon of Acoustic and Music Independence for me for all time.

The full announcement for all this will come out sometime soon when everything online is hooked up and working.

But in the meantime, I’m still an independent acoustic musician and I have something new to share with anyone who wants to listen.

So….. here is a link to a song called “Field of Wood” that I recorded in 1993 or 1994, a nice 20 years ago. It never made it onto “Lost in the Green” (a different live version with Roger Powell and Scott Beynon recorded in San Gregorio General Store came out in 1998 on “Time Forgets”).

“Field of Wood” is for me a lot of stories wrapped into one song — so I want to share that one from this new release “Independent Acoustic Roots” with everyone here.


This is a FLAC file in an HD format of 88.2kHz sample, 24-bit (24/88.2).

I hope you download it and listen to it and then think about any music that has been in your life for 20+ years or 10+ years or some meaningful amount of time and has carried you through things you could never have survived as a rooted individual without.

That’s where all this is coming from.


PS – you can check my home page http://www.davidelias.com to find anything about downloads, DSD or otherwise, that I’m doing at any point. You can also sign up on my email list there which helps keep the new news going out. I only put a helter-skelter version of things here and on Facebook.  Thanks for listening!

PPS – I just realized (coming back inside) that I have to send you the link to another track from Independent Acoustic Roots:  Season of the Fall!  Have a great Equinox!!! *****