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Savin up Pay me now

I’m not sorry
Bout anywhere I been
How could I be
I ain’t goin back again
And I ain’t faking
About some famous future past
Recognize the distance
Fear is for the few

And I ain’t talkin
Bout a demotion team 
Crossing swords across
That bridge of love that’s in between
I just got saved, save me now
I just got paid, pay me now
Liberate my liberation
Talk to me just talk to me

I looked across a silly rainbow sky
I looked into a dozen doors
I pushed against the walls that held me close
I just don’t know
How many times ago

But now I feel the change
Because it is within me
Savin me some paper
Savin me all things
I care to care
I care to own up
To demographics

I’ll be the one plus one