The Data Tech Blues

On the less serious side I wrote this song immediately after talking to my local auto repair mechanic/owner guitar buddy in Hilo who called me to ask for help with the processing of credit cards at his shop. He’d been down for several days with an old dialup line that went off line and he couldn’t get telephone repair to come anytime soon.

I told him I’d come down and convert his dialup credit card processing to Internet data which would be better anyway. Then he told me maybe I’d write a song about it and I said maybe I would. Then I did before I drove down there on Saturday. So I recorded it to my iPhone then messed with it on the computer and am now releasing it. Comedies of Errors! We all live in the midst of a huge Chaos we cannot see.

The Data Tech Blues
– by David Elias

Come you ladies and you gentlemen listen to my song
You might think it’s right or you might think it’s wrong
Just a little bit of everybody’s story out today
The data tech blues gonna carry us away

I got the blues
I got the tech blues
Lord I got the data tech blues

I was born on analog both the vinyl and the tubes
Dialup was working on the phone lines that we used
Everything was slow but how were we to know
That the fax and the modem were the first that had to go

I really don’t know why but then I had to try
The cleaner sound of audio they wanted me to buy
It’s Compact Disc they said, your ears are not misled
By the hiss of tape and scratchy noise your albums always make

Then Ethernet caught up with me, an RJ45
But I’d rather hear a jukebox with a 45 archive
Now I have to plug it in with something called CAT5
And USB is using me it’s eating me alive
Every time I turn around I need another thumb drive

Now they put it in the air just to get it in my ear
It’s WiFi and it’s Bluetooth with a 5G nearly here
I can’t see or taste or smell it but I sometimes hear it clear
When I shout out to Alexa, “Would you play me something Dear?”

I got the blues
I got the tech blues
Lord I got the data tech blues


releases March 19, 2020
Words & Music by David Elias – all rights reserved worldwide
Performed by David Elias