It’s Good To Be 12 or 13 Again

I’ve been playing and ripping vinyl to DSD. I don’t have this new Korg device but this article points to the huge surge in vinyl sales these past years. I have several cases of albums I’ve kept in climate controlled storage (Hawaii is very tough on lots of things threatened by heat and humidity). I retrieve these albums as desired bit by bit, or groove by groove I guess.

The vinyl I’ve been playing most is brand new vinyl releases from people around 30 yrs. old or younger. They don’t offer streaming on Spotify or TIDAL. They often don’t have a Facebook or Tumblr page. They don’t offer CDs. They usually have cassettes in limited supply as is the vinyl. Occasionally I’ve seen 1/4″ analog 4- and 8-track tapes for sale.

It’s fun to be 12 and 13 yrs old again. The press we commonly know and are confronted by continues to be fixated on perpetuating its own machine at its own pace, pick an industry. That’s why I’m averse to press. I’d rather make up my own story than read theirs.

This article however appears on some people’s back pages. I don’t have this DS-DAC-10R device but a Korg antecedent. Actually I have 2 different Korg antecedents which are mobile DSD recorders. This 10R device from them is new to meet the rising vinyl market that Korg measures. Drop $500 — rip DSD128 off your vinyl. Simple. Vinyl and analog in general isn’t going away. CDs and downloads are.

As a good friend who has been working since the beginning with DSD and Sony SACD said and wrote almost 20 years ago, DSD is the analog quality without the flaws. I like it too cause it lasts forever and doesn’t change with the weather, especially if you are into digital backup like I am.

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