It’s Getting Green Up Over

It’s Getting Green Up Over.

Spring is still working above the equator, gotta be thankful there. Along with new budding leaves and flowers the interest in MQA as a great way to deliver CD quallity and hi-res PCM to ears via downloads or streaming or CDs continues to grow as well.

Right now you can try a pristine acoustic recording originally mastered as native DSD, and since converted to DXD and encoded as MQA for downloads. It plays on any music player!

If you have an MQA decoder it can unfold the hi-res to 24/352.8kHz. The original master was encoded for MQA by MQA Ltd. as FLAC. The audio files are small and download fast.

Go here to get the 50% off Acoustic Trio….Album of the Week!

Use the code AcousticTrio50 on checkout to get the 50% off.

Have a Happy Spring and thanks for Listening!

~ DE


  1. DE-lightful deal.

    Most folks have heard of (and are mostly listening to) MP3. In the past two years, an innovative new format, MQA, is increasingly available to us all and, similarly, without fuss.

    Sound quality is way better. And because the major record labels have adopted MQA, much of the music we know and love is now even more enjoyable. The change is going on in the background and we all receive the benefits wherever we listen.

    Rare among musicians, David Elias sweats the techy details that can be harnessed to deliver incomparable sound quality in his great songs. No better way to recognize the difference this new standard format can make in our entertainment than by springing half the green for his album.

    1. Many thanks Dez. Yes exciting new times for very good sounding music delivery. I think of MQA as a streamline delivery machine essentially available to all good sound quality Masters regardless of their source formats. MQA provides a small footprint for both streaming and downloads and even on a standard CD with upside hi-res potential for those interested, but better than CD quality for all regardless.

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