“Crossing” in Top 10 ALL TIME Downloads at NativeDSD.com

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Crossing is in Top 10 at NativeDSD


  1. Congratulations, David Elias, on this clearest recognition of your collaborative art—widespread appreciation of your very special music and sound. The album cover photograph and title amplify the story of pioneering work in a then new archival digital format that captures and presents music in its fullest expression. NativeDSD helped its transition from discs to downloads and you were there. Though audiophiles were first to embrace the technology, classical and jazz music lovers more generally are now experiencing its joys. All the better that your unique brand of folk is welcomed to the mix, encouraging a growing audience in the art of listening. Bravo!

    1. Dez it’s great to get all those listeners through the Netherlands. DSD Downloads brought high fidelity to a global music lover community, now streaming is reaching even more with CD and hi-res quality. All good!

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