No Computer to Play DSD


We (all of us) have seen the beginnings and endings and re-beginnings of many things in our decades. Computers in music came about in the mid 90’s as a way to share music worldwide with no postage and no printing and no anything pretty much except time. And it took time but that was time well spent then…

Fast Forward 20 yrs and time spent waiting for music is not so fun for most.

DSD is the Holy Grail for me for the highest quality media (digital) and format (Direct Stream Digital) to record in. It captures all the nuances of an ambient signal (like a voice, acoustic guitar, upright bass, mandolin, dobro…) and preserves the carefully constructed wave that represents each note’s original attack, resonance, sustain and decay, in an immortal fashion meaning it never changes characteristics or quality over time.

Downloads are difficult. The truth of this statement increases linearly with the size of a song file. That’s why streaming is catching on so quickly now. No one has the time to download and why bother if it’s ready to play from a cloud to anywhere?

Well some like me still like to hunker down in front of their stereos and just concentrate on what’s being played in a local fashion with no distractions and as little gear/wires/etc. as possible. Hands free so to speak.

Playing discs still allows me to do all this in an automatic fashion.

SACDs came out well over 15 years ago and had the undeniable quality of presenting astounding reproduction on some landmark recordings that have withstood time well before digital audio, computer audio, hi-res and the rest.

While SACDs are still viable at various retail costs, the music on them is either cumbersome to download (expect at least 2GB per stereo album mix and 5GB per multichannel album mix), or not archivable (easily ripped) if purchased on SACD.

DSD DVD Data Discs are an alternative to these two because they are archives of data that can be copied anywhere safe as many times as desired and they are instantly playable by inserting them into your SACD/Blu-ray/DVD player.

That’s why I brought it back after introducing DSD Disc according to Sony’s spec in 2009 as an online download of the .ISO file to burn your own disc.

I burn it, I test it, I mail it, you play it.


~ DE

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