Acoustic Artist Radio!

Acoustic Artist Radio on TIDAL

If you subscribe to TIDAL you can click this link to hear the artist radio mix they create on the many songs I have there. In the HiFi mode (subscription) these are all CD quality streaming to either your iPhone, iPad, Android or desktop.

Click on the radio tower icon (artist radio play on iPhone) or artist radio button on the desktop app to start the random radio plays. I have screen shots of both apps here to help.

Why do I think this is cool and worth talking about?

In 1995 when I started working on my first CD I was uploading MP3 tracks to share with artists and listeners worldwide. These were not great sounding (lossy 192k or less) but hey it was a new world and unimaginable a year before. Suddenly a million songs were online from independent artists worldwide on

Then 9 years later in 2004 Apple brought iTunes online. Guess what, they started selling $.99 tracks to download at an even worse quality AAC (their personal MP3 format) at lossy 128k.

This persisted for years and years as the standard for computer audio, with some blips (I was online with DSD downloads in 2009 and some others after), until 2013 when Sony made their HRA announcement and places like, and came online.

But TIDAL came out 10+ years after the mainstream had already been digesting AAC 128k online (iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, many others) with their CD quality lossless streaming.

So finally what you hear on your good iPhone Zipbuds or computer or stereo speakers is the same as what you would hear on a CD. It only took 20 years…

The TIDAL HiFi subscription is $19.99/mo and now includes MQA Masters (I counted 1164 MQA albums in a shared Google doc today at 16/44.1 to 24/192 or higher).

TIDAL also has a 30 or 60 day free trial for all this if you’re interested. There’s posts about that here as well.

I have a couple hundred songs on TIDAL right now. I think TIDAL says they have 40 million songs online. It can be fun being a small fish.

~ DE



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