No One Has Heard These Tracks – now MQA CD online at CD Baby

New Release 2017 – Two Track Mind – Solo Acoustic!

No one has heard these solo acoustic tracks. They are recorded with just 2 microphones (2 tracks!) on voice and guitar. There is nothing edited. Recorded and mixed digitally as hi-res, then mastered for CD release (16/44.1).

MQA Encoding provided by MQA Ltd., UK greatly restores the source PCM recordings to the natural ambient nature of the room and performance. Mic’d close and intimate. Solo Acoustic.
Hear it for yourself…. Online CD is for sale.

Plays from any CD player and sounds way acoustic live studio!

Plays with Studio Authenticated MQA from CD or ripped (ALAC, FLAC, WAV, AIF). I don’t know where else MQA CD’s are being sold, but here’s one online through good old CD Baby…. Aloha!



  1. Excellent. You make clear the “hidden” value of MQA encoding: improving the sound quality of PCM masters for everyone, everywhere. Great introductory timing too as this is as important as any of the breakthrough announcements at CES in Las Vegas.

    1. You got it Dez – advantages with MQA pervade regardless of media type: fixed (CD), download or streaming with or without MQA enabled decoding…. TIDAL now is out with MQA streaming, another first as far as I know. Hang on to your hat :) Aloha! – DE

  2. As an audiophile I came upon David Elias a few years ago because of his sound. “The Window” and “Crossing” had been praised extensively in the audiophile press for their superb sound quality. I certainly shared that opinion after getting ’em and his music began to settle into my soul with its purity of expression and calls to appreciate what is most nurturing in this life. David pioneered recording in DSD, a format offering ultimate sound quality. With “Two Track Mind” he is first again, this time with MQA, a process that dramatically improves the realism of the PCM format that nearly all records use today. I got the CD and use a new digital to analog converter that fully decodes the MQA tracks. (No special gear is needed to enjoy the benefits as it’s ‘backward-compatible’.) To begin let me say that this recording has, in many ways, the best sound quality I’ve heard. Intimate, solo acoustic — David and guitar. He performs songs familiar from earlier albums but here they are wholly presented by the singer-songwriter in a pure, direct, easy and personal way. Not to mince words, he’s in the room with us. And the silence from which the songs emerge is deep and black. If you are looking to experience ‘only the music’, this album is a gateway to that garden. Nothing better.

    1. Dez this is so welcome for me to read and appreciate as always all of your careful listening to my tracks. I agree with you that MQA is a very good delivery package if you will for PCM masters at any resolution (CD or hi-res). It can be beneficial to any listener no matter what their setup from absolutely no MQA hardware or software support to full rendering at resolution up to 24/384 and perhaps even beyond. Mahalo! – DE

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