Enjoy the Music – Interview

Interview from March 21, 2014 with Steven Rochlin of EnjoyTheMusic.tv

Enjoy the Music.TV’s interview with David W. Robinson of Positive Feedback magazine and singer/musician/songwriter David Elias. Hosted by Steven R. Rochlin, we discuss creating and recording music, early Internet mp3.com and other services plus the places to buy modern DSD files today. As always, in the end what really matters is that you…. enjoy the music!

Positive Feedback @ Positive-Feedback.com

David Elias @ DavidElias.com


  1. This interview is a great public service for music-lovers everywhere. Learn how we’ve regressed to poor sound quality in the music most of us listen to, and the easy alternatives now available for a deeper enjoyment. David Elias believes in education. Get some here.

  2. Clearly we all seem to have had the same experience on our first listening of a DSD file. There are some things I felt were exactly in tune with my thoughts. Having been an amateur musician the sound I think is the most natural from a microphone point of view, is hearing the instrument that is next to you where a lot of modern recordings isolate instruments. This makes for a false image in the replaying. Simplifying the recording has got to give a more natural overall sound. When we go and listen to music, whatever genre, we listen with only two ears so why have fifteen odd mikes all over the place? Does this give a better sound – I don’t think so. What I like about DSD is the ambience of the room in which the recording was done, the space in the music, the positioning of the instruments that you can clearly hear. All this is just not there with FLAC or PCM. Whilst there have been formats that have fallen by the wayside, I do think that now Sony has produced a DAC player with hard drive for DSD, it is a format that will endure especially as those who demand the highest quality have money to spend on this. Also with the revival of vinyl the computer boys are going to fight back and after all this is technological advancement and costs a lot less that high quality decks. They are, of course, for those who like to play and show off their toys. Computers are not so ‘gob smacking’ to look at but DSD is ‘gob smacking’ to listen to!

    Now to your music roots. The moment I discovered you and listened to the tracks on you website, I knew I had an affinity with the music. I used to listen to a lot of English and Irish folk in my early adult life and have continued to be drawn to it. I have also liked the mix of the Celtic with the modern acoustic, I think it brings western humans back to their distant past beginnings. I have demonstrated at shows with your music and some of Blue Coast Records Jenna Mamina songs which have a similar room ambiance but in jazz and those who appreciate good music, listen very carefully. The there are those who prefer just a blur of sound and booming bass where even CD quality may be too clear for them! They are, of course, the rock enthusiasts! I have never been a rock fan so I only play it if demanded! I will probably have offended some people here but it is not my intention to do so, so please please forgive me if I have.

    My company is now six months old and I am off to Munich to the High End audio show with David Janszen and George Klissarov to promote The JansZen brand of Electrostatic speakers and George’s exaSound DSD DACs. This is a combination that really show DSD for the superb number one format that it is. I will be playing David Elias’s music in abundance there!

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